Sisterhood Of Networking

Sisterhood of Networking 

The Speed Network facilitates events for connection with other like minded entrepreneurs, sole traders, and business people. Offering a fun and fast paced networking space to share, shine and collaborate.

Broaden Your Tribe 

No matter what business or industry you have or are representing. Our overall objective is to keep developing a tribe of businesspeople in a network - the sisterhood of networking.

Our networking platform is a face to face connection concept and accommodates people who want to take their business to the next level by spending a few hours to come along and chat about ‘why they got into business” and what solutions that can provide for their potential connections.  

Come and attend a speed networking event, you come to communicate and respectfully listen to whoever sits across from you.  Being willing to take your turn and then allow another to be heard gives time to form a decision – A face to face platform to promote your business for referral on or a service or a contact to use in your business. 

Mastermind Groups 

Are set up to help take you to the level you deserve. We provide a six-week group for established business or a five hour session for new to business. 

You can be part of a team, sharing ideas while we take you through a process to achieve clarity and build more successful outcomes.

This is the year to step up. Join, meet others and let us inspire you. 

We wanted to provide a space to connect peer to peer in business as equals. Whether you’re New To Business or have been Established for some time.