Hello, I'm Bronwyn

I created More Of You in 2017 after experiencing major life changes.  I discovered how my emotional wellbeing was tied to my home environment.

I had to sell my family home and purchase a new one.  Then began the process of downsizing – refining my house and deciding what did, and didn’t need to share my space.

Stuff that belonged to my old life as a wife, mother and business partner caused me unease in my new life and kept me reliving old memories. The process of designing how I wanted to live in future meant I gave myself permission to release the past and accept clarity and calm into my life.  

When life changes direction, it is the perfect time to slow down and evaluate where you need to place your energy to get more from life and do what you love.

After experiencing a consciously designed, organised and uncluttered life I wanted to help other women at different stages of their lives – busy mums, newly single, empty nesters and those who had just fallen into a rut and lost their way.

As I worked with clients to help them through the process I received the insight about what was next for me.  I remodelled my in in-home service to suit business owners who had lost sight of their goals and needed to find clarity and get back to doing what they loved.

Bronwyn Sheehan Business Support was created to assist business owners get back on track, work through challenges/busy phases and plan for the future.

The Speed Network is a platform allowing sole traders, small enterprises and entrepreneurs to build brand awareness and connect with others for referrals and connections.

The most profound life changes invited me to be more creative, trust my intuition, find a business mentor in Rosina Bond, and seize the day. 
I look forward to sharing my journey with you.

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