Clutter & You

I have found that clearing my home and organising has a profound effect on what comes next in life. It motivates me for brain space for a new business concept to re-energising the feel of my home.
Whether you're looking to live with less, downsize a home, remove what you don't use or have a spring clean.  Here are some points to consider before getting started. 

Clutter is dormant energy you share your home with and, it has a profound effect on your daily function.

Belongings Not Used - In-case-of or I-may-need-those-one-day items these are rarely used or still new in their packaging. Releasing these belongings shows trust in your future. Letting go of these items builds self-belief allowing you to feel more secure about moving forward.

Incomplete Projects - Creative works half finished that didn't go as planned. Put aside, unfinished and, a new one started. A sign that you are a perfectionist. Half completed projects left lying around will be a reminder of failure. Life isn't perfect; setting more realistic goals and be kind to self is a step in the right direction.

Other People's stuff - make sure to be clear from the outset on the length of time you are willing to be the storage space for other peoples belongings. Set clear boundaries, or say no, so the belongings are not there indefinitely. Be more decisive about looking after your home and self.

In The Past - Sentimental possession, from love letters or a collection. If an item causes uncomfortable old feeling to arise, you will be looking back and be reliving those feeling. 'Letting go' will have you 'in the moment' and focusing on you and your future.

Our home mirrors our shape emotionally, physically or mentally. Getting comfortable with your clutter is essential, to make the sorting out process successful. Be decisive about what you love and how you see you home looking after decluttering. Then create a plan on how & where to start to achieve the home you deserve. 

These are things to be clear on before commencing
To get rid of all things that you don't like, need, don't fit, use or cause discomfort of pain when you see them.
You are decluttering to invite new energy and space into your home and life, being kind to self and your journey to this point is an excellent way to support and empower yourself.
You are in charge of your space, design and create for comfort, to nurture and energise you.
Trust in you, your decisions for that moment and the choices for you in the future.

Practice appreciation for the belongings you get rid of, and the service they have shown you. 


 'Thank You, Bronwyn" 
"We spent 3 days decluttering and reorganising with More of You. When I look back now, it's hard to imagine the chaos and unnecessary 'stuff' we lived in/with. Bronwyn has not only helped to totally realise our homes full potential and appreciation for our valuables, but she has also shown us how to maintain the harmonious living that she has helped us to create."

Donna and Simon, Nelson