Clear Intentions

A lack of balance in the home will lend itself to feelings of being weighed down, lethargy and a lack of clarity about where to next in your home and work life. 

Clutter has far-reaching effects on your home space and office work flow. Communication will be affected, focus and function will be impaired. Indecision can arise, and anxiety can build as the stress builds to meet targets, complete work or find time to get out from under the pump. 

Home life can become, tense and pressure can be put on relationships and finances. Work life can experience a low output, blocking abundance and monetary gain, and the lowering of your self-confidence.

When you are constantly confronted with clutter in your physical surroundings, this will impact your emotional wellbeing, desire and drive. Clutter shrouds the ability to focus, dream and get the job done and this will have a far-reaching impact on daily life and work balance. 

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Getting clear at home

Setting intentions for your home is paramount in keeping the heart of the home happy.  Just as there are rules at school and a code of conduct at work, your house needs a similar, but less rigid, understanding. Get family members involved so everyone’s voice is heard and you’re all on the same page. 

Make it fun, and set age-appropriate chores or roles.

Being clear removes the disagreements, struggle and resentment that can build up long term. Disarray causes dysfunction and can create more chaos, allow personal conflict and disharmony.

Increasing the smooth function of a home provides the household with safety and clarity on what’s got to be done. It teaches young people to clear up after themselves and reduces the responsibility for just one person to sort it all out.

Sharing the load will also give everyone quality time to do more of what they enjoy together.

The clearer you are in your home life the more balance you have in other areas of life. 

Set an intention for your home for it to be where you return to share your day, have some fun, entertain and nurture with love, compassion, kindness, empathy, food and sleep. Ensure you all are working towards the same happy, achievable outcomes once those intentions are in place.

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