Starting a new journey with old baggage

Five years ago I downsized my home. It was a mammoth undertaking to sort through my collection of possessions. I was moving to smallest dwelling I had in lived for over 18 years. It left me reeling and contemplating where was all my stuff going to fit?

I had noticed dramatic changes in myself following the Christchurch earthquakes. The quagmire of a marriage separation and moving for earthquake repairs. I then nagivated selling what had been the family home. Many firsts and life changing stuff all in a short space of time. I spent night after night lying awake while my mind went around in circles.

My energy levels began to ebb and flow and coffee became my new best friend. Snap decisions, were a reoccurring horror film with no ending and my emotional, physical and mental stress had all come home to roost. Fear appeared and seeped into every area of my life. That’s when adrenal fatigue made its appearance. About Adrenal Fatigue. 
With the imminent move to a home I'd fallen in love with and, a son in this last year at college heading off to university, I should have been enjoying a fresh start to a new chapter of my life.
Instead, packing for a shift became overwhelming, and my brain cloaked in fog. I swung from having the energy of a 90-year old to achieving like the days of old. I deliberated on what belongings should make the move which only added to my stress and superseded the joy of starting my new adventure.
Fear had replaced happiness, making me feel like I was struggling to cope and I became burdened by the weight of belongings that I had to let go, not knowing where or how to begin…

'what happened next'.

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  • You have come such a long way Congratulations XXX


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