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Our homes mirror our emotional, physical or mental shape.   

If your home is chaotic, chances are your life will be too. Sorting out your home goes hand in hand with changing your life. 

Clutter is dormant energy in your home and it has a profound effect on your daily function

clearing the clutter

Whether you’re looking to live with less, downsize a home, remove what you don’t use or need, or discard what you no longer love - here are some points to consider before getting started. 

Sit and envision your dream home; what does it look like? 

I bet it’s not full of clutter and items out of place. That’s the start you need to transform your current home to your reality.  

Be decisive about what you love and how you see your home looking after decluttering. 

Belongings not used - In-case-of or I-may-need-those-one-day items are rarely used or in extreme cases, still new in their packaging. 

Releasing these belongings shows trust in your future. Learning to feel comfortable about letting go builds self-belief, allowing you to feel more secure about moving forward.  

Incomplete projects - Creative works half completed that didn't go as planned are often put aside unfinished, and a new one started.  

This is a sign that you are a perfectionist. Half completed projects left lying around will be a reminder of failure. Life isn't perfect; focus on setting more realistic goals and being kind to yourself is a step in the right direction.  

Other people's stuff - Make sure to be clear from the outset on the length of time you are willing to provide storage space for other people’s things. Set clear boundaries or say no, so the belongings are not there indefinitely. 

Being more decisive shows a willingness to take charge of looking after your space and setting clear boundaries for you, and putting your own needs first.  

In the past - Sentimental possessions such as love letters or a collection can cause you to relive old emotions.  

If an item causes uncomfortable old feelings to arise, you will be looking back, not forward. Giving yourself permission to let go in this situation will ensure you are in the moment and focusing on yourself and your future. Allowing you room to heal, lightens your heart and provides clarity to move on - be it to the next step, or the next someone.  

free of clutter to live again

These are things to be clear on before commencing:  

Give yourself permission 

To get rid of any and all things that you don't like, need, fit or use or that cause discomfort or pain when you see them, no matter the item’s back story. 

Treat yourself with compassion 

You are decluttering to invite new energy and space into your home and life. Be kind to yourself and acknowledge your journey to this point.  Practising compassion is a good way to support and empower yourself.

This space is yours 

You are in charge of your space. Design and create for comfort, to nurture and energise yourself. It’s your space, own it. 

Trust yourself 

Trust in yourself, your decisions in this moment and the choices available for you in the future. 

Practice appreciation for the belongings you get rid of, and the service they have shown you.  

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