Sort that kitchen consciously.

Sort that kitchen consciously  

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The kitchen is the hub of the home. When it’s in disarray life can go to pot. It’s time to sort that kitchen - consciously. 

Picture this: You're cooking up a storm, pots simmering away, and you're frantically searching for an item that’s eluding you. You’ve taken your eye off the pot, and now it’s boiled over - frustrating right?

Without order, kitchen chaos occurs and can result in cooking from scratch being replaced with ready-made meals and food cost rising as you buy more of the same when you can’t find what's misplaced.

Let's focus on how to sort that kitchen consciously! 

1. Plan time. Set aside a minimum of two hours of uninterrupted time.

You may need longer. Think kitchen and tribe size - are you a one-pot cook or gourmet chef who requires a lot of equipment?

10 tips organised the kitchen

2. Focus on one area of the kitchen at a time.

Start with a small area such as a plastics drawer. 

3. Music in + open windows  =  focus and new energy in. 

4. Visualise: Picture the end result before you begin.

5. Put all the items you regularly use in prime space, placing all others according to frequency of use and ease of accessibility. 

Clean as you go

5. Be brutally honest. If it has not been used in forever, ditch it and check all dates on food items.   

If it’s still in date but no longer popular with the tribe, donate it.

clean and sort the kitchen

6. Ask yourself, how many doubles ups do you really need? 

Pairs are great, if they are shoes. 

7. Use creative ways to store  

Pinterest or google have ideas: One trick for pot lids, use a wide spaced cooling rack & store lids vertically

8. If faced with tough decisions; ie, family china, box it up and put it out of sight. Breath, and make the decision in six months.  

9. Spice it up!  Ask a friend for a hand to sort & clear that space. 

Many hands make light work, my Mum used to tell me. Make sure to offer to return the favour. 

10. Don't let the stuff you no longer want lie around. Remove it from the area on the same day so no-one is tempted to put it back!

Well done!  Be sure to do something for yourself to acknowledge your inner domestic goddess for a job well done.

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