My sorting goddess

It’s easy at this time of year to put things down with the intention to sort them later. There can be a lack of motivation with the days drawing darker sooner to do much other than keep warm and things get left and pile up.   

Now our days are getting slightly longer; it's an excellent time to get invigorated for the arrival of spring. A unique way to start is to shake up the energy by having an old-fashioned sort out of stuff in the home. To some, it may seem like a daunting task at first, but the best advice I can give is to begin small and work your way up to bigger jobs.

Visualise your organised area, that way you are working towards your finished goal. Remove everything and put it somewhere where you know you have to sort straight away, like in the middle of a room, table or on your bed.

When the mood took me, and I needed to get my sorting goddess, into action to gain clarity. I decided to simplify the remainder of a once extensive book collection. With plastic containers at the ready and a duster in hand, windows wide open and music blasting, I was good to go.

I dragged all the books into the middle of the hallway; sorted out the no longer desired ones straight into the bins. Making it easier to remove them immediately to the car. Next stop for them was the *book recycling fridge.

The books I loved and wasn't going to part with got promptly put back in size order after I dusted the shelves and books. Standing back, I felt a sense of achievement!  My inner organised goddess squealed with delight at a job well done!

Tip: You can colour coordinate spines of books or arrange them in alphabetical order. It just depends how you feel or what alights with your inner goddess.

For me, reorganising and removing once loved or no longer used belongings is a great way to get clear and provide room to create or begin something new. By opening the windows, the fresh air recycles the old energy out. Listening to music makes me happy and raises my overall state of being.

After reducing half of what I initially brought to my home five years ago I now;

  • Recognise items I don’t use or require more readily. 
  • On a whim, I rearrange any area. 
  • Sorting or cleaning is no longer a laborious or time-consuming chore. 
  • There is way more energy for fun stuff. 
  • No more second-guessing before making decisions. 
  • My home is open, inviting and spacious.
  • Everything has a home and can find it when I need it.
  • More free time to do the things I love. 
  • Random shopping is over. 
  • A sense of peace and calm in my home. 
  • I love my refined home space and the simplified lifestyle I consciously chose to lead.

I am sharing my personal story on how I had too much stuff and how it was negatively affected my daily function and energy levels. My decision to live with less, has me sharing my home with items I use, love and bring me happiness or have a functional purpose. 

I have repurposed, refined and recycled many items over the last five years. I have not once wished I had made any of my simplifying life decisions differently; reaffirming to me that my life is better with less. 

If you wish to sort and refine your home, my tip for you start small and with items that aren’t sentimental. 

If you’re unsure about things, box them up and put them away out of sight for six months. If you don’t miss or look for them, I believe it is a sign you can live without them.

If there is anything you feel is stopping you, or you need some help getting started to feel free to leave me a comment below. 

*A fridge popped up after the Christchurch earthquakes for people to go and exchange or drop off their books.

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