Getting Clear at Work

Getting Clear at Work 

Setting intentions for your home office

Often you are behind a computer with reduced social interaction and have scheduled deadlines to meet. If you’re overwhelmed and not clear on what you have to achieve that day, it will stop you in your tracks. Multiply by five working days and a week of indecision can quickly have you disillusioned.

Get clear on Sunday about what’s happening for the week ahead 

Make a weekly plan; keep the plan in front of you to increase your daily output. When you’re at work, work. Take breaks to renew your energy levels or maybe go out and find a spot you can work in that provides social interaction and noise. 

Design your space to achieve 

When working alone it’s important to build the office space to nurture your dreams, goals and desires. If you function best in clear spaces, clear the decks at the end of each work day. If you are a person who prefers organised clutter or piles around you, make sure you don’t let it get out of hand. 

A great way to achieve clarity when you’re a sole trader is make a vision board. You will need a business plan in place to achieve the outcomes that you desire. You need to have a good grasp on what you offer, and clarity about the purpose of your services and target market.

You’re wearing all hats, and therefore need clarity from the get go.

Trust your inner expert. Join a networking group to engage with other like-minded businesspeople, or get a business mentor or coach. Having a networking sisterhood helps keep the mind clear and your goals in your sights at all times. 

Clear work spaces will allow clarity for forward direction and regular reviews will support your business to gain the outcome you desire.

Close off your work day 

Pack up 20 minutes early: Spend 15 minutes filing papers, leave your desk clear to start your work day tomorrow. Use the other five minutes to write a plan, as this sets the tone and intention for the next day. 

The intention of closing off the business day 

When you close off the day, you are signalling your brain to stop and relax, giving it permission to take off the business hat and put on the home, relax and engage hat. 

This is the beginning to your mind slowing down and your body relaxing. You may get there faster with a quick meditation, by listening to some music or going for a short power walk. 

Switch from work to relaxing at home

Do whatever gets you out of business mode and into home mode. The longer you take to let go of the work day, the more you will encounter feeling wired, and long term this will result in broken sleep patterns. 

I have taught myself a trick when leaving my office upstairs for the day. I say in my head “goodbye work day”, and acknowledge myself for what I have achieved. I invite energy and abundance to flow on my return. 

 Leave on a high note

Leaving on a high note pumps up the feel-good endorphins. Never dwell on what went wrong or you didn’t achieve, as you are then signalling to your brain, “I failed”.

This will impact your self-esteem and no-one needs to go home to their family after beating themselves up. 

As a woman in business I am aware that self-sacrifice is a place that I can slip into unawares. I find that when I am clear with what my week looks like, it allows me to achieve the work/life balance to run a business, be a business partner and get creative in my intentional writing.

I shine at providing solutions and finding an approach to get your business ship shape and sparkling at the back end which allows you to shine up front doing the job that you love. 

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