Cut Christmas Overspend

Just as you’ve made time to streamline your home, you’re faced with the onslaught of Christmas overspend. 

Kids get hooked into wanting what their friends are chatting about or what’s online; with that in mind here are some alternative gift ideas covering off all ages and interests, save landfill space and create lasting memories.
Looking back to my childhood I recall some of my best presents were the ones that our parents gave us as a joint gift that all four of us could enjoy; for example, a jungle gym kept us busy for hours.

When I am choosing a gift, I think of the person, what they enjoy or are interested in and a gift they will enjoy receiving. 

I won’t go near a store until I have a firm plan in my mind. This process makes gift buying simple and personal, rather than a case of buying anything to exit the store.
Know your budget and don’t overspend, if the item is more than your budget, ask other family members if they want to chip in with the gift purchase.
The gift of an adventure
Give the gift of ‘being present’ on an outing or adventure. The excitement and chat strengthen bonds, encourages all to unplug from technology and builds memories to look back on.
the gift of adventure
Involve everyone in the planning, pack a picnic lunch and include some treats and encourage the children to help.
One on one time, spend quality time with your child and let them choose an activity that they are interested in and join in. 
How about a family day at the beach - pack a picnic, sunscreen, and bathers.

The gift of a voucher book
You can find many options online to download or ideas for vouchers to be redeemed by your children at a later date.
Gifts of an experience
A movie and popcorn; always a solid idea no matter what time of the year and age.
- Ice skating, ten-pin bowling for the family or tickets to a sporting event. 
Outdoor Activity gifts
A great way to burn off the Christmas puds and treats. 
Trampoline, will get some bounce going for all ages or a kite to plan an outing to the beach or park.
Gifts of choice
Giving the gift of choice to the recipient 
A voucher to a favourite store or for an item. 
This is a great idea if you know there is something, in particular, they are wishing or saving for.

children and creativityThe of giving back 
A donation to a charity
Donation of help and time to a local charity.
Find a charity or event that children can join in and donate time, food or regift items to others less fortunate.
A gift like this teaches awareness that some are less fortunate, and how important giving truely is. 

A gift of sustainability 
Shoebox Christmas Aotearoa
Variety 2019 Christmas Appeal 
SPCA New Zealand
Check out online to find one that feels right as they are many more worthy causes to decide on together as a family.
A gift of creativity
A journal - most children love to draw to write. In the day and age of technology, a journal negates screen time and develops storytelling. 

Christmas is a costly time of year, plan ahead and allow for food (not just Christmas Day), presents, and visitors or outings, working with your income and situation. 

New Zealanders were expected to spend $5 billion shopping in December 2018, according to Stuff

Get your children to design and decorate cards and wrapping paper, recycle old magazine pages. 
Look online, for example, GrabOne or BookMe, for outings or experiences that can be purchased at a cheaper rate.
If you have a big family, give a collective gift for the children or set a present spend limit.
Watch specials or think about the lay-by options to buy during the year to ease the cost. 

Make your Christmas is about the gift of presence and those you surround yourself with. Giving something that is unique to build everlasting memories that will withstand the test of time.

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