Anytime wardrobe detox

Anytime wardrobe detox

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There has never been a better time to get your clothing game on when your choice of garment impacts how you think, feel and has a significant effect on your mood.
No matter what the time of year, cleansing that closet will have you feeling fine, ready to leave the house empowered and feeling great about you and your day ahead.
There is no doubt in my mind, when you wear what you love you feel happier, walk taller and it improves the outlook on your day.  


If you're faced looking a hangers occupied with any of the following garments you could be left feeling flat and uninspired; and want to dash out and shop some more!

  • On sale bargains that almost hit the mark- if you didn't need it isn't a bargain.

  • Ill-fitting clothing purchased - wasn't ideal then and doesn't make you feel great now.

  • Worn in the past articles that hang lifelessly, if they don't work for you now, don't be tempted to keep hanging onto them...donate, recycle or give away.

  • Skinny clothes, tormenting your psyche of 'I'll fit this one day'. Live for today!

  • Or clothes you just don't love anymore.

Life changes and so do our clothing tastes and needs. So detoxing that closet sees the garments matching your needs and have you feeling fab in how you dress and present yourself to the world.

Follow these steps to feel amazing, dressing in what suits you and your lifestyle. You will be walking with a bounce in your step and smile on your face; it may even turn a few heads as your gain greater confidence in what you wear. Happy closet detox ladies, Bronwyn 

Anytime wardrobe detox 

  • Plan a day to declutter and give yourself plenty of time. The average wardrobe will require a minimum of three hours. 

  • I always play upbeat music when I work, time to turn it up and lift your energy.

  • Water, have some on hand and a snack 

  • Throw open those windows and let in the fresh air! Old energy out and let the new in. 

    Take into account upcoming seasons for clothing you're not wearing right now.

    1. Gather bins or bags.
    Recycle - Donate - *Resell - Bin -  Label each bag or bin, so there's no confusion when placing garments inside. Making it an easy process when removing the clothing from the house to know who's getting what. 

    Keep a look out for anything requiring a stitch or two.

    2.  Start by taking ALL the clothing out

    sort and declutter clothing in the wardrobe

    Pop it on the bed... (the bed is better for your back). You can group similar articles making the sorting more streamlined.

    When you have removed everything out, flick that duster and vacuum around!

    3. While decluttering be honest

    Do I like how I feel when I wear it? - Do I love it or does it make me feel yuck?

    Once the decision is made keepers go back into the wardrobe as this saves double handling and your time.

    Be kind with your mind chatter throughout the process.

    4. Work to the set-up of closet

    Take into account your daily clothing requirements to determine how to hang clothing to suit your needs and space.

    For long-line wardrobes try hanging clothing right (long to shorter styles) to the left making visibility the most significant advantage here.
    Colourful closet - If your clothing is abundant in colour, try coordinating like colours together.
    Dark to deep shades - experiment with sleeve or garment length option.

    * For designer/labelled articles in near new condition you can resell them. 
    ** You might have a 'love garment but not be able to decide 'go or stay' - email me below to find out how to deal with these garments.  

    If you are planning on donating or reselling your items, it won't make you feel bad with the process of letting go or just throwing clothing away. 

    Here is a selection of organisations and stores that will help you decide where best to donate or resell your clothing in Christchurch.

    Donate clothing
    Dress for Success 
    City Mission Shops
    Nurse Maude Hospice Shops
    Women's Refuge

    Resell on behalf of  
    Louis Who Clothing 
    To be Continued 
    Recycle Boutique
    Time and Time again Sumner 
    Ware Else 

    N.B. More of You is not affiliated to any of the above organisations or stores. 

    Please leave any questions you have in comments below or email. 

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