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Busy lives call for organised & happy home spaces. You have come to the right place to find simple solutions for living in a space that will support you & your family. I provide ideas and tips to tame & master the clutter to restore order and calm in your home.

Hello I'm Bronwyn

I created More Of You home work life balance in 2017 after experiencing major life changes. I discovered how my emotional wellbeing was tied to my home environment.

After experiencing a consciously designed, organised and uncluttered life I wanted to help other women at different stages of their lives – busy mums, newly single, empty nesters and those who had just fallen into a rut and lost their way.

'Clutter is dormant energy in your home and it has a profound effect on your daily function.' 

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Let’s Begin to Design Your Service.

Consultation Process

To begin the unclutter process we meet, and do a walk through of the home determining your wants and needs. At that time we will discuss what needs sorted, organised & decluttered. It's vital before be begin any services to see if we fit as a team. 

Declutter DIY Service

You can opt for a Declutter DIY Design. Making a plan for you to restore balance in your home.

If you're looking for inspiration to get started or need insightful ideas I will provide you a step by step process.  

Pre-Shift Unclutter Service

Presenting your home to take it to the market will allow your potential buyers to picture their belongings in your space. My background was Real Estate by combining my inside knowledge and organisation skills; you're in a great position to offer your biggest asset up for sale. 



It's time to get clear about how you can support yourself by setting intentions at home

Take Control

How does your home feel?

Busy lives call for organised and happy home spaces.

You have come to the right place to find simple solutions for living in a space that supports you and your family. 

As women we know that a stress-free, functional home is important to daily life.

Act Now

Whether you are a busy mother doing it all or faced with significant life changes, you need to feel your home is your space. 

It’s a place to retreat to for creativity, inspiration and rejuvenation.

Take action

An uncluttered, organised home will provide greater clarity to support you in achieving daily function, your next steps in your life journey and your greater life goals.

Sorting out your home will give your more time and energy to do more of what you love.

Get Clear

‘I instantly fell in love with my new home, however upon shifting I dragged my past into my new beginning.'

My mission is to help woman let go of their emotional clutter that they carry with them through their belongings.  Join me as I show you how to get organised at home, so you can start getting what you want out of life.  

It's time to let go of the emotional clutter that is carried with us through our belongings.


Make time for regular reviews to support your business to gain the outcome you desire.

business support


White Room Interiors

Bronwyn is extremely driven in assisting in day to day tasks within business.

Bronwyn has been a tremendous help to my business and a great support since I opened the doors 3 years ago.  She has a real eye for fine detail and her manner is very professional. I can highly recommend Bronwyn to anyone needing one on one assistance. 


 In business the overall objective is to keep developing a tribe of businesspeople in a network - the sisterhood of networking.


The Declutter files

small child and santa with a list More Of You and Photo by Mike Arney

Cut Christmas Overspend

Give something that is unique to build everlasting memories that will withstand the test of time.

Getting Clear at Work

Getting Clear at Work

Clear work spaces will allow clarity for forward direction and regular reviews will support your business to gain the outcome you desire.
Give attention to your intentions

Give attention to your intentions

This year as Christmas nears two people dear to me have suffered a blow to their health. I find myself assessing my Christmas plans 


The possessions you hold onto could be what is holding you back. As the interior of your home reflects how you feel emotionally.